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Audio Routing Matrix Switches

Stage Tec – NEXUS Base Devices

The NEXUS system is an audio network, a router, and an I/O matrix that also offers the following:

  • Audio-format conversion
  • A/D and D/A converter systems
  • Audio processing
  • Data forwarding
  • Routing interfaces
  • Multi-channel metering
  • Power-amplifier control
  • Intercom
  • Logical functions, and much more

NEXUS Base Devices are compact 19″ mainframes for static or mobile use. 1 U, 3 U, 6 U, 9 U, 12 U, and 15 U versions are available. Input and output ports are on 3 U slide-in boards. NEXUS Base Devices are based on a 4 HP grid and accommodate modular boards such as I/O boards for analogue and digital audio, DSP boards for audio processing, special routing boards for data or switching signals and fibre-optic interface boards for interconnecting Base Devices.

The NEXUS system integrates with Dante using the Stage Tec NEXUS XDIP interface card.

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