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Soundking – P14CA


1). PoE-based active speaker P14CA(ceiling) is an audio power module with 60w/4Ω output, which adopts the latest PoE technical standard. With only one network cable can realize power supply and Dante digital audio signal transmission and control;

2). Integrate PoE power supply and Dante audio data transmission to simplify cable layout and conform to Ethernet engineering specifications;

3). Digital and networked audio transmission realizes, high expendable system;

4). Distributed digital audio system: a large audio system of multiple input and output devices, decentralized audio device connection,  software routing and signal distribution;

5). Using Dante Controller software can easily realize fully networked Dante device detection and audio routing configuration;

6). Power amplifier features single RJ-45, 100Mbps of Dante audio transmission rate, routing control via Dante Controller, parametric volume, mute, limit, EQ and noise gate(optional) control, over-current, high temperature, overload/short circuit protection, natural heat dissipation;

7). Digital EQ adjustment and crossover. User can easily set EQ points and crossover frequencies matching the speaker.

The parameters and data set by user can be saved to the computer, the data on the computer and the machine can be read and called from each other;

8). PoE network cabling adopts the 48V DC power supply carried by Ethernet cable, free from all restrictions of high-voltage AD cabling, better satisfying the safety and fire prevention regulations;

9). Can be widely used in banquet hall/function hall, classroom, conference room, theme park, etc.

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