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RTW – TouchMonitor TM7

The TouchMonitor TM7 offers a new level of audio metering with a 7″ touch screen.

The TouchMonitor TM7 offers a new level of audio metering with a 7″ touch screen. Now with Dante™ AoIP, including AES67 mode, up to 32 channels of audio and redundant network support.

  • TM7 and TM9 with Dante AoIP, including AES67 mode
  • Up to 32 channels of audio to be monitored
  • Redundant network support

For environments where space is an issue, an audio metering unit of the TouchMonitor TM7 series is the ideal choice. Combining the simple and flexible operational concept and GUI of the TM9 with a 7″ high-grade touch screen, the TM7 lets you configure the instruments of your choice with ease. Instruments can be scaled, randomly positioned and combined for optimized use of available screen space. The modular software concept lets you purchase exactly the features you actually require. 

Different Housings
Beside the table-top version of TouchMonitor TM7 an OEM version is available for mounting TM7 into mixing consoles or other front panels. It can also be combined with mounting adpaters for a seamless integration into 19″/3U standard racks or into standard 19″ rack-mount cabinets for waveform monitors for video studios.

Expanded basic software and instruments
The latest firmware version expands the basic software to 4-channel display, 4 x Mono, 2 x Stereo, 2 x Mono and 1 x Stereo can be measured without the need of an activated Multichannel licence. RTA provides a 1/12-octave mode, Cinema Loudness standards (LEQ(M), TASA, SAWA) have been implemented, and the Audio Vectorscope instrument allows up to 4 instances. The output routing can individually be adjusted for each preset, all presets can be exported or imported at the same time. Further details can be found in the Release Notes (included in the update package), or in the data sheet.

More details
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