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RTS – KP 12 CLD Keypanel

The KP 12 CLD is the latest addition to the revolutionary CLD color keypanel series by RTS. The keypanel includes several cutting-edge features designed to enhance capability and ease of use.

The instinctive graphic interface is housed inside two full-color 4.2” LCD displays. The front panel also features conveniences such as a user-programmable button, one-touch listen volume adjustment on each of the 14 new multifunction keys, and a backlit keypad. Like all RTS products, the KP 12 CLD is designed with expansion in mind. The front-mounted USB port and modular rear panel allow for future upgrades that will keep the KP 12 CLD on the forefront of technology for years to come.

Features of the KP 12 CLD include:

  • Full color LCD displays – The new displays host a rich and intuitive graphic user interface that shows different keypanel functions with different colors and graphic icons.
  • Modern, modular design – The flat front panel is thoughtfully designed to fit easily into any control room or truck application. The back panel is optimized for future expansion.
  • Multi-directional keys – The keypanel features 14 multi-directional keys, 12 used for talk, listen, and emulation of traditional level control function.
  • Future expansion – The KP 12 CLD is designed to host for an expansion panel and optional connections to the matrix through current and future standard transmission formats.
  • Enhanced Features – The KP 12 CLD supports up to three auxiliary inputs, independent digital gain control for microphone sources, configurable audio routing and much more through an option board
  • DSP processing – Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Equalization, Mixing, Filtering, and Metering
  • USB – For future expansion and other planned interface features.
  • User programmable button – A user-programmable button (UPG-1) provides custom shortcuts to menu functions.
  • GPI expansion unit available – The GPI expansion unit provides additional connectors for Relay, Headset, Footswitch/Speaker, Mic In/Out, Auxiliary, and other functions.
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