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I/O Interfaces

Profitt – PEAI-9090

The devices are designed for:

– connection of analog or digital audio signals in AES 3 format to the local audio transmission network ( AoIP ) using AES 67, Dante protocol ;

– connection of microphones to the local audio transmission network ( AoIP ) via AES 67, Dante protocol ;

– audio data exchange between Ethernet Dante , AES 67 and 3 G / HD / SD SDI digital video signals (devices with index ‘ V ‘); – creation of a distributed network of audio switches with a common switching field; – transfers

Ethernet ( AES 67, Dante ) over optical links;

– indication of audio signal levels ( PEAI -9090, PEAI -9091).

Ethernet Dante audio interfaces , AES 67 support:

– 8 in, 8 out ( PEAI -9088, PEAI -9090) and 16 in, 16 out ( PEAI -9091) balanced analog audio

or 4 in, 4 out ( PEAI -9088, PEAI -9090) and 8 in, 8 out ( PEAI -9091) AES 3 digital audio channels .

Devices with suffix ‘ V ‘ contain a 4-channel audio communication module between Ethernet Dante , AES 67 and 3G / HD / SD SDI digital video signals . The devices have an SDI input and two SDI outputs . Up to 16 audio channels of SDI embedded audio are supported .

Devices with suffix ‘ R ‘ contain an AES 3 digital audio input/output module with support for User Bits and Channel Bits (compatible with Riedel intercom equipment ).

The PEAI -9090 and PEAI -9091 devices can be equipped with submodules with microphone inputs (suffix ‘ M ‘ in code). This provides a voltage supply of ‘+48 V ‘ to the microphones and control of the gain of signals from the microphones.

The front panel of the PEAI -9090 and PEAI -9091 has a display that shows indicators for input and output signals.

The type of audio signals for inputs and outputs, independently of each other, is selected by the User (should be reflected in the device code).

The devices have two electrical Ethernet 100/1000 BaseT ports – primary ( Primary ) and backup ( Secondary ) and one optical (except for PEAI -9091). A redundant electrical Ethernet port provides connection to a redundant audio transmission network or device cascading. The presence of an optical transmission line through a separate SFP module allows you to transmit Ethernet ( AES 67, Dante ) over optical communication lines over long distances

( Ethernet SFP module not included in the device; see section ‘SFP modules optical and electrical’, section II , pos. 1.1:1.6).

Management and monitoring are carried out over the Ethernet network using the proprietary Dante Controller program and via the WEB interface.

Separate power inputs for main and backup power supply. ‘Hot’ replacement of power supplies.

Audio connectors DB 25 and RJ 45 (on module ‘ R ‘).

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