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Powersoft – Mezzo Series

Mezzo offers the same sound clarity, reliability, and overall build quality of any Powersoft install dedicated amplifier platform in a ½ rack unit form factor. It comes in 2 power supply sizes, 2 or 4 channels, and state of the art DSP.

All models offer multiple analog input options, and the 2 channel versions feature line level outputs.

AD versions of Mezzo add audio networking capabilities with DanteTM/AES67 and an internal Gigabit Ethernet switch and a second port so that multiple products can share the same network cable.

The smaller versions of Mezzo are sealed designs, therefore approved for hidden placement, such as mounted above the ceiling or tucked in a wall box.

The included mounting accessories allow multiple options: 1 or 2 Mezzo in a 19” Rack, 1 Mezzo in an 11” rack, wall mount brackets allow it to be mounted on any flat surface, also under a table or in the ceiling. Rubber feet allow Mezzo to be placed on a shelf.

Dante-enabled models:

  • Mezzo 322 AD
  • Mezzo 324 AD
  • Mezzo 602 AD
  • Mezzo 604 AD
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