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Panasonic – WX-SE200DN

Designed to be used with Panasonic’s WX-SR204 or WX-SR204DN 4-channel wireless mic receivers, the WX-SE200DN Dante expansion receiver allows you to add up to 4 additional wireless microphone channels an existing Panasonic 4-channel system
without the need to add an additional antenna to the system. Choose between Panasonic’s WX-ST200 handheld mics and/or WX-ST400 lavalier mic + wireless bodypacks) for microphone options. Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, museums, retail, and bars / restaurants, the WX-SE200DN features a RJ45 (CAT5 / CAT5e / CAT6) connection to the Panasonic WX-SR204 or WX-SR204DN 4-channel wireless receivers, and Dante primary and secondary connections for independent channel outputs, external audio input and a mix output. LEDs on the front panel show the system status during startup & microphone pairing, antenna status during operation, and an LED indicator of when the receiver is being controlled remotely. Ships with rack ears for easy rack mount installation.

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