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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)


The DTD is a unique tool, combining advanced signal processing, inherited from the NXAMP, whith an unmatched easyness of use. Flexible Inputs system The DTD offers efficient speaker processing with unmatched input flexibility: on top of the High-end Stereo balanced inputs, an AES input and a USB input (driverless USB audio playback from many OS) will allow the DTD to be connected quickly in any situation. Dantetm input is also available as an option (see ordering information).

State of the Art signal processing Despite its easyness of use, the DTD is hidding state of the art audio processing, offering high precision EQ and Lienear Acoustic Phase algorithm, phase compatible with other Nexo speakers, inherited from our NXAMP range of powered TDcontroller. The DTD uses high-end AD and DA converters, 64 bits / 96 KHz DSPs, and finally an analog IN to analog OUT dynamic range of more than 112 dB, while distortion is keep under 0.001%.

The DTD-I is the Installation version, with all connectors (except mini-USB) at the back on barrier strip. No hardware control , everything is set up from a PC/Mac computer connected on the USB port, allowing the settings to be locked and thus prevent any accidental changes. 

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