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NewTek – TriCaster Advanced Edition

TriCaster Advanced Edition boosts TriCaster’s core broadcast “studio-in-a-box” systems with groundbreaking new production techniques, without additional equipment purchases. The hardware-based TriCaster platforms offers extensive capabilities such as 24-channel video switching with audio mixer, titles, warping transitions, buffers, DSK and DVE effects and many other broadcast studio tools. TriCaster Advanced Edition is an enhanced software version for those systems featuring built-in capabilities to incorporate real-time data, multiple live streams, new publishing platforms, and elaborate control techniques that make producers feel at one with their productions. Producers using TriCaster don’t have to invest in multiple peripheral appliances or additional systems to produce more masterful multi-camera video. With TriCaster Advanced Edition, they can easily add breakthrough capabilities, spend less on equipment purchases, and get more from their current TriCaster Pro Line system. NewTek’s TalkShow complements TriCaster systems by providing Skype integration with Dante audio networking flexibility and quality.

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