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Neutrik – NXP-RM-DANTE

This product has reached End of Line and is discontinued.

The NXP-RM-DANTE module allows the XIRIUM PRO NXP2RX base receiving the wireless signal to connect to a Dante network providing the highest possible sound quality, reliability, and outstanding performance in one unique solution.

With XIRIUM PRO Neutrik introduces a new, innovative product, allowing for easy adoption of DiWA technology. With just two devices, namely the transmitter (TX) and the receiver (RX), audio transmission can be established quickly, and more cost effectively then using traditional audio cables or other wireless systems. Engineers, artists, and project designers can now think beyond the physical limitations of the traditional audio cable. Equipment such as loudspeakers, amplifiers, and mixing consoles can now be positioned for optimal audio performance and what makes the most acoustic sense allowing artistry and sonic performance to take priority over venue logistics.

XIRIUM PRO system offers a combination of 7 different input and output audio modules and 2 base stations, including a Dante transmitter module and a Dante receiver module. All the modules contain a rechargeable lithiumIon battery and can be operated either on battery power or on direct mains power.

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