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This is the perfect design of all-weather outdoor speakers; the perfect combination of elegance, sound, and durability. This whole aluminum, weatherproof designed withstands the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights without any performance issues.
Designed for indoor and outdoor  surroundings, such as flowerbeds, around the yard , commercial streets, hotel corridors or blanketing outdoor spaces etc. offering omnidirectional full-range audio. MONISMS is the BEST choice for your outdoor audio solution.
The speaker is power supplied via POE+ (Power over Ethernet) or DC19V power supply, available at option. The speaker includes a Class-D audio power amplifier which provides effective use of power.
The audio network system is also compatible with AES67 which makes this speaker system to be flexible with other audio network systems.

The system comes with a 3.25” 30W loudspeaker driver, MNS-3AXXOWS-1P has excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth and smooth frequency response which makes this the top choice for today’s overhead commercial applications.
This assembly can be used in wide range of projects for paging and background music applications.
MNS-3AXXOWS-1P is powered by standard POE+ and has a MAX power of 30 watts. If there is not  POE+ available, it can be powered through an external 19VDC power supply.

[Model:MNS-3A11OWS-1P] 1 Channel, Only Master DANTE Speaker.
[Model:MNS-3A12OWS-1P] 1 Channel, Reserve Additional Passive Speaker Terminals.
[Model:MNS-3A22OWS-1P] 2 Channels [One Channel for Master Speaker, Another Channel for Passive Speaker], Reserve Additional Passive Speaker Terminals.

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