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Audio Routing Matrix Switches

Mandozzi Elettronica – IDEA Central Audio Matrices

The audio matrices IDEA developed and manufactured by Mandozzi Elettronica SA are ideal for all customers who are looking for systems that perform more than just simple X/Y connections, but intelligent switching functions and audio signal processing. They are designed to be used as main central matrix of a radio house, or to serve a large number of mixers.

IDEA is a fully digital audio routing switcher that offers a great number of various audio input and output interface module types. Input signals with any format (analogue, digital, 2 Mbps, IP, MADI, ATM, Gigabit) are converted to the internal standard of the routing switcher (48 kHz, 32 bit, according to AES/EBU), and the output signals can be presented to the customer in any format he required.

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