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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

Kingray – DAP0408_D4

DAP0408_D4 is a 4in8out analog professional audio processor, which can achieve a variety of functions as a DSP processor with integrated compressor, limiter, frequency divider, decelerator, equalizer, mixing matrix, supports 7 brands input and 7 brands output PEQ. It also can be debugged and monitored quickly by exquisite intuitive Mconsole software, for the construction of professional audio amplification system and provides a wide operation space.

★96K24BIT sample rate

★4 input channels DEQ and 1024 FIR, 8 output channels 512*FIR

★Control interface: USB and RJ45 by TCPIP protocol, configuring RS232, RS485 central control interface, supporting GPIO external expansion control interface 

★Support Mconsole and app TCON network control 

★Support presets archiving and locking, hide setting parameters”

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