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KE Audio – KE1600B

KE1600B is a four channel intelligent power amplifier.

“KE” intelligent power amplifier built-in DSP has: high performance double 32 – bit audio dedicated floating-point processor, high performance A/D, D/A converter. Each channel has 5 parametric equalizer, all parameters are adjustable. Multiple frequency division mode, 6db, 12db, 24db or 48db NingKe. Each channel has its own latency, maximum 80 ms and 0.1 ms delay interval. Each channel is independent of compressors and limiter, all parameters can be adjusted; Function of phase inversion, digital noise gate. 30 users memory, intuitive and friendly computer interface, RJ45 interface, Channel Copy function, convenient debugging

“KE” intelligent power supply of the power amplifier is quasi resonant full bridge topology, the high-frequency transformer magnetic core uses cutting-edge technology of nanomaterials. It has the advantage of high power efficiency, big power, and uses high power tube as the full bridge switch tube, the power of the internal resistance is low. It can provide high current moment to load.

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