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Innovox – Flex Focus Series

Flex Focus loudspeakers employ shaded line array technology with ribbon HF drivers to extend sound projection in longer meeting rooms. Their Frequency response (120-20,000 Hz ±3 dB) has been optimized for speech intelligibility.

Flex Focus Vertical Arrays are available in two configurations. A standard version with loudspeakers oriented for monitors which are mounted at a normal viewing height and an LAC (Lowered Acoustic Center) version for monitors which are mounted above normal viewing height.

Flex Focus loudspeakers are also available in three powered configurations, each with 100- watt class D amplifiers:

  • P – Basic power amp
  • PX – Power amp with pre-amp & DSP
  • PXD – Network version which adds Dante and ethernet control

Dante-enabled models include:

  • Flex Focus FF-V2.4 PXD
  • Flex Focus FF-V2.6 PXD
  • Flex Focus FF-V2.6 PXD LAC
  • Flex Focus FF-V2.10 PXD
  • Flex Focus FF-V2.10 PXD LAC
  • Flex Focus FF-H1.4-50 PXD
  • Flex Focus FF-H1.6-50 PXD
  • Flex Focus FF-H1.4-25 PXD
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