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I/O Interfaces

Hugel – PRU

The PRU basically serves as a audio router with up to 4 interfaces with 64 channels each in a 19″/1RU case. Every single input can be routed to one or many outputs using the EmBER+ interface. For each of the 4 interfaces the protocol can be chosen to be either Dante (Audinate’s Brooklyn II) or SMPTE-2110 (Ross Video’s Liberty). The built-in sample rate converters allow therefore up to 4 independently synchonized clock domains to be connected to the PRU. Using two of each module type, a 128-channel bridge between Dante and SMPTE-2110 can be formed. Optionally PRU can be extended by a central intercom matrix. The 256×256 matrix is fully equipped with summing and level adjusting features.

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