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Harmonic Design – hd Beam-Series

Harmonic Design® beamforming loudspeakers offer great potential for improving sound distribution in complex architectures and highly reverberant rooms. The goal is to focus the sound only on the listener’s surfaces, while shading areas that create unwanted reflections and disturbing room resonances. This leads to a much better speech intelligibility and a first-class listening experience for speech and music performances down to the last rows. Furthermore, the Beamforming technology, which offers a wider range of functions than just Beam Steering, enables unobtrusive positioning of the speakers even in less ideal locations for flexible adaptation to the most diverse requirements.

Beamforming Technology

  • 2In/32Out High-End hd BeamDSP
  • redundant input section with fallback algorithm
  • analog & digital inputs with Dante®
  • AdvancedDirectivityOptimization Algorithmus
  • 384 Taps FIR filter per input/output
  • 16x IIR filter (double precision) per input/output
  • modular equipping in segments of 8
  • 75W Class-D amplifiers with digital input for best SNR
  • ImpedanceControl with fault detection
  • multistage Limiter-Architecture
  • hd LevelZ Remote control software via USB
  • standard colors: black RAL 9005 & white RAL 9010


  • hd ML8Beam
  • hd ML16Beam
  • hd ML24Beam
  • hd ML32Beam
  • hd PL8Beam
  • hd PL16Beam
  • hd PL24Beam
  • hd PL36Beam
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