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Fohhn – Linea Focus DLI-130 DAN

The active, electronically inclinable DLI-130 DAN line source speaker enables intelligent and target-oriented sound coverage in venues that have the most difficult acoustic conditions. Using intuitive software, both the vertical dispersion characteristics and the inclination angle of the loudspeaker beam can be precisely adjusted – in real time – to perfectly suit to the room’s acoustic situation.

The Linea Focus DLI-130 DAN is a high performance line source system, which can be electronically controlled and monitored. The system is equipped with eight state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers and DSP technology specially developed for this area of application, plus eight coated 4” long excursion drivers. This perfect balance of amplifier-, digital signal processor- and loudspeaker technology enables a maximum SPL of 124 dB to be achieved. The DLI-130 DAN comes with a digital input interface for DANTE.

The loudspeaker’s vertical beam dispersion characteristics can be intuitively controlled – in real time – using FOHHN AUDIO SOFT: The vertical beam width, ranging from 0° to 90°, and vertical inclination angle, ranging from -40° to +40°, can both be adjusted in precise 0.1° increments. This means that unwanted reflections from floors and ceilings can be avoided. The result: optimum levels of speech intelligibility, a pleasing sound image and excellent sound quality – even in the most challenging acoustic conditions.

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