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Equipson – MIX U24

MIX U24 is a complete 20-channel digital mixing system in a compact, rack-sized unit. 20 mix channels with 4 aux sends, 4 subgroups, or 8 aux sends. The new MIX U24 has a processor which executes all the digital processing of the audio signals (32 bit with floating point) allowing programming functions such as copying and loading of parameters or the use of internal plugins such as noise gates, compressor / limiter, phase inversion, delay and even blocking functions.

The signals are worked with a sampling rate of 24 bit resolution and a sampling rate of 48 kHz, in addition, the MIX U24 has in its central part a large 7 “color touch screen from which you can completely control the audio process, assign effects, customize routing etc … Its 100 mm long fader allows precise control over the channel that is assigned to it, also on the back, the MIX U24 allows connection via USB from other devices such as recording output. Thanks to this USB port and an RJ45, remote control of the unit is possible. For this, it is also necessary to obtain the free MIX U24 app, which allows remote control of the device from an IPad very comfortably.

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