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Dmix – SLB118a

The SLB 118A has a built-in power amplifier with a high-performance digital signal processing system, two full-frequency channel drive systems with two or three SLA 110 single 10-inch line array speakers (preferably two), and one channel drive the SLB 118A. Two balanced line input and one signal output ports, plus one power input and output ports, fully meet the use requirements, but also convenient system expansion. With high performance DSP digital audio signal processor, various scene parameters can be set according to different application requirements and different number of speakers. Through the control software setting and quick key selection, greatly simplifies the system construction process, full frequency channel and ultra low frequency channel can be adjusted independently, can achieve the best effect in a very short time. The SLB 118A uses an efficient class D power amplifier module with a patented L-shaped heat dissipation design combined with an integrated cast aluminum back plate for heat dissipation, resulting in high energy conversion efficiency of up to 2X700W+1800W, compact size and stable performance.

Rich accessory package, including adjustable height support rod, speaker cable, power cord, convenient system quick connection.

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