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Dmix – CS-4D

Dante Network Transmission

Dante is used for audio transmission to achieve digital and network transmission management. Dante is based on layer 3 IP network technology and adopts Zeroconf protocol to simplify the network operation mode. It can realize long-distance transmission of two-way high-quality big data and perfect synchronous playback with low delay. The device is plug and play, system construction has no topology limitation, installation and configuration is convenient, and wiring is simple and easy.

PoE power supply

Ethernet power supply and audio and data transmission are integrated, simplifying cable layout and meeting Ethernet engineering specifications. PoE network cabling uses 50V dc power supply for bearing Ethernet cables, without restrictions on high-voltage ac cabling, and better meets site safety and fire prevention specifications.

Technical parameters:

Speaker model: CS-4D

Unit configuration: 4″(100mm) Speaker unit

Frequency range: 125Hz-20kHz

Rated power: 30W

Sound pressure level: 108dB

Sensitivity: 91dB

Coverage Angle: 100°×100°

DSP processing: 1 DSP, with gain, equalization, voltage limit, noise gate, mute control adjustment

Connection mode: RJ45 interface

Product size (mm) : 204×185 (Ф×H)

Opening size (mm) : Ф169

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