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CTP Systems – DCU304

The DCU304 is a Dante enabled Commentary / Announcer unit. It has four inputs, one programme output and three talkback outputs. 

The DCU304 is a Dante enabled Commentary / Announcer unit.

The unit has four inputs, each selectable to left/right/both ears, one programme microphone output plus three ‘lazy’ talkback outputs. On pressing a talkback key the programme microphone output will be silently muted and redirected to the selected talkback output(s). The microphone also has a local line level analogue output which also mutes when a talkback key is pressed.

Network connection may be either a Neutrik ethercon or a standard RJ45 connector. A LED indicates network status.

Microphone gain is adjustable in 1dB steps from +70dB to +15dB and +5dB via the OLED display and lockable push buttons. 48 volt phantom power may also be selected.

The DCU304 may be powered PoE or via an external 12 volt power source.

The DCU304 can also be used as a cost effective Dante four wire box or as a top quality analogue or Dante mic amp.

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