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I/O Interfaces


1. The wireless conference system eliminates cumbersome wiring, is quick
and easy to install, and is simple to operate. It is especially suitable for
use in scenarios such as project transformation, mobile conferences,
temporary equipment increase, and wiring failure. The system adopts digital
and analog fusion design, can realize the camera tracking function, embedded
DSP audio processing technology, 4-inch touch screen management and settings,
easy to use and intuitive, cooperate with the AOIP network audio transmission
module to achieve audio signal interconnection, and the module supports
mainstream networks Audio transmission protocol.
2. The wireless radio frequency technology transmits audio and digital
control signals, with high-fidelity sound quality, no compression, clear and
transparent, and the wireless control signal is reliable and stable;
3. Support camera tracking function, can connect to the camera through
RS485, RS232, etc., support VISCA, PELCO-D/P camera control protocol, and can
independently connect a camera for camera tracking;
4. It has a video switch RS232 communication port, which can be connected
to a high-definition video switcher or a high-definition matrix, and supports
up to 8 cameras for camera linkage;
5. Built-in high-speed DSP processor, based on artificial intelligence
self-learning algorithm developed adaptive feedback suppression (AFC) and
automatic noise reduction technology (ANC), deep learning analysis of the
feedback signal that causes howling, and quickly eliminate the cause of
howling Repetitive signals, learning and analyzing environmental noise,
background noise and current sound, etc., to remove useless noise
6. The host supports a variety of conference modes: such as first-in
first-out, chairman priority mode, the number of open microphones supports
1-4, and the system can carry up to 128 microphones;
7. The directivity can be adjusted with the microphone, supporting 5 modes:
omnidirectional, cardioid directivity, super cardioid directivity, sharp
cardioid directivity, figure 8 directivity, etc.;
8. Extend AOIP network audio transmission to support mainstream. The
refined and elegant 4-inch touch screen is used for conference host management
and settings, and can display the following information at the same
a. Speaking mode selection, speaking quantity limit function
b. Radio frequency grouping and radio frequency signal strength
c. AFC adaptive feedback suppression is turned on and off,
d. ANC automatic noise reduction on and off
e. System volume adjustment
f. System settings and status view, switch between Chinese and
6. Network transmission protocol, realize audio signal interconnection and

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