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I/O Interfaces


• Exquisite and minimalist structure
design, highlighting the modern atmosphere, accord with ergonomics;
• Special electret capacitive dual microphone core design, clear and bright
sound quality, high sensitivity;
• Equipped with a 2-inch high-definition true color screen, which can
display the battery level of the microphone, the signal strength, the working
status of the microphone, the grouping and ID number of the channel where the
microphone is located.
Use wireless radio frequency technology to transmit audio signals and
control management signals;
• With the camera tracking host, after using the computer preset, the
camera can be automatically tracked;
• Original microphone directivity variable technology, the user can adjust
the microphone directivity according to different environments, locations,
meeting methods, and the needs of the speaker, so as to achieve an optimal
pickup effect. It supports 5 modes: omnidirectional, Cardioid directivity,
super-cardioid directivity, sharp heart directivity, figure 8 directivity,
• The chairman has priority button function and chairman priority
•• Anti-interference from mobile phone microphone core, stable connection,
durable and reliable;
Ultra-low power consumption circuit design, built-in large-capacity lithium
battery, can be charged through the charging box;
Cooperate with the host to realize network audio transmission and realize
audio signal interconnection and intercommunication;
• The conference unit has a unique serial number, and the conference system
can automatically assign an ID to the conference unit.

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