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I/O Interfaces


The exquisite and minimal structural design highlights the modern
atmosphere and conforms to ergonomics.
Special electret capacitive dual microphone core design, clear and bright
sound quality, high sensitivity;
Support mainstream network audio protocols, use network cables to connect
to the switch, and transmit audio in the network to realize signal
interconnection and intercommunication;
Using POE (Power over Ethernet) power supply and analog phantom power
supply, digital and analog dual backup, the system is more stable.
Provide standard balanced XLR interface to transmit analog audio:
Provide standard RJ45 network interface to transmit digital audio:
The entire expandable Dante system has 512 two-way audio channels;
Original microphone adjustable directivity technology, supports 5 modes:
omnidirectional, cardioid directivity, super cardioid directivity, sharp
cardioid directivity, figure 8 directivity, etc.
Equipped with 5 switch mode options: 1. Power-on mute mode, then press to
speak; 2. Power-on speaking mode, and then press mute; 3. Long press the
speaking mode to release the mute; 4. Long press the mute mode to release the
speech; 5. , Voice control mode;
Customizable remote control switch
Anti-radio frequency and mobile phone interference;
The base is equipped with damping rubber to effectively reduce the noise
caused by external vibration to the microphone.

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