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Exquisite and elegant design, ergonomic, very modern.
2. Original D-net IOT digital conference IoT system technology, in line
with IEC60914 international standard
3. With priority button function, you can turn off the representative unit
that is speaking.
4. The microphone is equipped with an ultra-quiet electronic touch switch,
which can avoid the mechanical sound amplification of the switch, and can
control the operation of the microphone pickup. The microphone has a bright
luminous halo to indicate the working status.
5. The unique audio processing circuit improves the clarity of the entire
7. The chairman unit can use the priority button (Priority) and the
approval button (Permit) to control the speaking sequence and control the
meeting atmosphere.
8. The unit comes with a 2m Category 6 RJ45 network cable;
10. Independently adjust the microphone gain, which can be adjusted on the
microphone or computer management software, so that speakers with different
volumes can speak more smoothly;
9.1 Ø 3.5 mm stereo headphone jacks can be connected to headphones.
10. The unique ID number of the microphone unit, the conference system can
manually assign the conference unit.

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