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I/O Interfaces


1. This product uses a high-performance microcomputer processor as the core
design of a new generation of products, equipped with a high-definition and
sensitive 3.5-inch OLED touch screen. Adopting all-digital conference
technology, conforming to IEC60914 international standard, professional,
novel, simple appearance design, and comprehensively adopting the perfect
combination of digital control technology, advanced audio processing
technology and network technology, intelligent control, reaching the
requirements of high-definition CD sound quality, which can be widely used
Used in various occasions: large and small meeting rooms or multi-function
halls, small and medium-sized performance occasions, hotels, conferences,
public security, courts and other government departments.
2. The host computer and the computer can be connected through TC/IP or
network access WiFi to realize wireless control mode, and the host can
realize ID allocation address to realize distributed application
3. With the camera tracking host, after using the computer preset, the
camera can automatically track and support the preset panoramic
4. The self-developed technology of D-net IOT digital conference IoT system
realizes five adjustable modes of directional microphones: omnidirectional,
cardioid directional, super-cardioid directional, sharp-heart directional,
Figure- 8-pointing type;
5. The 3.5-inch wall-control touch screen or even a PC is used for conference
host management and settings, which is convenient and efficient, and can
display the following information at the same time:
a. Time-limited mode: The speech time limit can be set to 1-60 minutes, and
the speech will be automatically closed when the time is up. After reaching
the power-on quantity, when another representative unit wants to speak, it
will automatically enter the request-to-speak registration queue.
b. First-in-first-out mode: First-in-first-out speaking mode (factory preset
position), after reaching the number of power-on, the speaking unit opened
first is closed by the subsequent speaking unit.
c. Application for speaking mode: the speaking of the representative unit
needs to be approved by the chairman unit or the operator. In this mode, the
chairman unit always keeps the normally open state.
d. First-in-first-out mode; you can choose 1/2/4/6 microphones to speak at
the same time, and the chairman microphone and VIP microphone can be preset
without restriction.
e. Volume adjustment of main output
f. Centralized microphone management, such as microphone pickup gain
adjustment, forced switch, and speaker information registration
g, can initiate voting and sign-in functions
h. Interconnection with speaking microphones, such as tea, pen and paper,
i. Check the microphone line
j. VIP unit can be set through software, and the switch of VIP unit is not
limited by the number of conference units that can be opened at the same time
and speaking mode
6. Built-in self-learning algorithm based on artificial intelligence has
developed adaptive feedback suppression (AFC) and automatic noise reduction
technology (ANC), deep learning analysis of feedback signals that cause
howling, and elimination of ring-shaped hand-in-hand connection technology
that causes howling. The failure or replacement of a microphone will not
affect the work of other extensions in the system, support the line “hot
swap”, you can add microphones to the system at any time
7. With the camera tracking host, after using the computer preset, the
camera can automatically track and support the preset panoramic
8. Built-in real-time clock, perpetual calendar function, can display the
current time on the conference host, conference terminal, convenient for
participants to view
9.2 channels of audio external line input and 2 channels of audio line
output, 1 channel of balanced output
10.4 channels of 8-core aviation connector can form 2 groups of
hand-in-hand loop wiring to ensure a more stable system

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