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I/O Interfaces


1. Adopting all-digital conference technology, in line with IEC60914
international standards; exquisite and minimalist structure design,
highlighting the modern atmosphere, in line with ergonomics; special electret
capacitive dual microphone core design, clear sound quality, high
2. The self-developed technology of D-net IOT digital conference IOT system
realizes five adjustable directional modes of pickup microphones:
omnidirectional, cardioid directional, super-cardioid directional,
sharp-heart directional, Figure- 8-pointing type;
3. The exquisite and elegant 3.5-inch touch screen is used for the
information interaction between the speaker and the conference manager, and
can display the following information at the same time:
a. Speaker information and time
b. Microphone directivity setting
c. Sign in and observe the voting status
d, microphone gain adjustment
e. Information interaction between the speaker and the conference
f. System language setting and unit information display
4. Ring-shaped hand-in-hand connection technology, the failure or
replacement of a microphone will not affect the work of other extensions of
the system, and a connection failure between the microphones will not affect
the system work, thus making the system more reliable;
5. Support line “hot swap”, microphone access system can be added
at any time
6. With the camera tracking host, after using the computer preset, the
camera can be automatically tracked
The 7.3.5-inch wall control touch screen is used for conference host
management and settings, which is convenient and efficient, and can display
the following information at the same time:
a. Time-limited mode: The speech time limit can be set to 1-60 minutes, and
the speech will be automatically closed when the time is up. After reaching
the power-on quantity, when another representative unit wants to speak, it
will automatically enter the request-to-speak registration queue.
b. First-in-first-out mode: First-in-first-out speaking mode (factory
preset position), after reaching the number of power-on, the speaking unit
opened first is closed by the subsequent speaking unit.
c. Application for speaking mode: the speaking of the representative unit
needs to be approved by the chairman unit or the operator. In this mode, the
chairman unit always keeps the normally open state.
8. Two-color LED indicator light, green when speaking;
9. The unit comes with a 1.8-meter conference dedicated 8-core cable, and a
1-meter analog backup audio cable (with a T-Nong head)
10. Anti-RF microphone core of mobile phone, stable connection, durable and
11.1 Ø 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack can be connected to headphones.
The conference unit has a unique serial number, and the conference system
can manually assign an ID to the conference unit.

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