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Adopt all-digital conference technology, in line with IEC60914
international standard;
The exquisite and minimal structure design highlights the modern atmosphere
and conforms to ergonomics;
Brand new dual microphone design, longer pickup distance and wider
Special electret capacitive single microphone core design, clear and bright
sound quality, high sensitivity;
Original microphone directivity variable technology, users can adjust the
microphone directivity according to different environments, locations,
meeting methods, and the needs of the speaker, so as to achieve an optimal
sound pickup effect, and support 5 modes: omnidirectional, heart -Type
directivity, super-cardioid directivity, sharp-heart-type directivity, figure
8 directivity, etc.;
Full digital audio technology, built-in high-performance CPU, faster
processing speed, better sound quality;
Ring hand-in-hand connection technology, the failure or replacement of a
microphone will not affect the work of other extensions of the system, and a
connection failure between the microphones will not affect the system work,
thus making the system more reliable;
Support line “hot swap”, microphone access system can be added at
any time
The chairman unit has the priority function of full control of the
conference order, and the connection position is not restricted.
The chairman unit can short press the function button in the application
mode to allow the delegate unit to turn on the microphone.
In the conference mode, the chairman unit can short press the function
button to turn off all the microphones of the delegate units. If there is a
delegate unit waiting to be turned on, it will be turned on
With the camera tracking host, after using the computer preset, the camera
can be automatically tracked;
There are 4 speaking modes: normal mode, first-in first-out mode, free
mode, application mode;
Two-color LED indicator, red when speaking;
With the sign-in function, the host computer initiates and checks the
situation;
Anti-interference from mobile phone microphone core, stable connection,
durable and reliable;
Independently adjust the microphone gain, which can be adjusted on the
microphone or computer management software, so that speakers with different
volumes can speak more smoothly;
1 Ø 3.5mm stereo headphone jack can be connected to headphones;
The conference unit has a unique serial number, and the conference system
can manually assign an ID to the conference unit.

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