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BARE – D-8

D-8 is a desktop microphone base with Dante function. It is suitable for quick installation of any XLRM Cannon head output gooseneck microphone. The microphone base is equipped with a capacitive induction tact switch and is equipped with a red / green LED indicator. . In local mode, the user can switch the microphone to mute or speak. You can set the real-time and mute audio switching between the repetitive switching (latch on / off) between speech and mute; or preset mute and only press the button. Speak at any time (jog to speak), or preset to speak and only mute when pressed (jog to mute). The microphone holder is made of heavy-duty die-casting technology, and a silicone sponge pad is installed at the bottom to reduce the noise caused by table vibration. Inconspicuous design and matte black coating can enhance the concealment when used in serious occasions. The microphone holder is designed for flat placement applications, providing high-quality radio applications such as high-quality radio, conferences, and distance education.

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