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I/O Interfaces

BARE – BR-1112D

●The high-quality pre-op amplifier guarantees the output sound quality and
controls the output volume of each channel
●Advanced digital reverberation modulation function
●Twelve microphone input sockets. Independent phantom power supply for each
channel, independent input volume adjustment, independent switch
●The device itself provides a mixing channel, mixing input twelve
microphones (each microphone can adjust the volume of the output to the
mixing channel), while controlling the final output mixing volume
●Each input channel and mixing channel have an independent output, and the
input channel and mixing channel can be monitored locally
●The equipment allows nearby installation, and the network transmits the
audio of independent channels and mixed channels to the remote power
amplifier or mixer
●With device superimposition function (when there are more than twelve
microphones, two sets of this device can be superimposed and used)
●Twelve channels of microphones can be adjusted individually, which can
also use various types and indicators of microphones to ensure that the
microphone volume input and output in the system are balanced
●Only one audio equipment of the power amplifier, with this equipment can
drive multiple, even dozens of microphones to work
●The panel displays the network status, which is convenient for fault
●RS232/RS485 remote control interface reserved
●Only one network port, daisy chain connection is not allowed
●The network IP of the device can be set independently
●Microphone connection matching: phantom or non-phantom powered
●Microphone connection: 12 XLR sockets

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