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Audio Routing Matrix Switches

BARE – BR-10X6

BR-10X6 is a network switching audio processor mainly used for local education and remote interactive education. It is equipped with high-performance digital audio processing technology, including full-band adaptive echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression, and feedback suppression algorithms. Tone microphone, easy installation, simple operation, comes with 6 network ports, supports PoE, 10 / 100M adaptive, 100 meters transmission distance, IEEE802.3at, single port maximum power 30W, 12/36 power supply. Easily meet the high-quality voice needs of local sound reinforcement, recording and broadcasting and remote interactive education.

● Built-in echo cancellation, feedback suppression, and noise algorithms
use a stable two-way simultaneous talk (Double Talk) detection method, which can effectively eliminate redundant echoes even in strong background noise and nonlinear distortion environments; noise suppression algorithms can track quickly and accurately Ambient noise changes and maintains good output sound quality.
● Two-channel MIC input
Provide two microphone interfaces, support gain adjustment, 48V phantom power supply. Increase the flexibility of users to meet the needs of users.
● Two-channel remote audio input
Provides two linear input interfaces, which are usually used to access remote signals during interactive and distance teaching, that is, reference signal adaptive echo cancellation.
● Two-channel local linear input
Provides two linear input interfaces, usually connected to local audio sources, such as DVD, laptop, etc.
● Four-channel Dante network audio input
Provides four Dante network audio inputs through a network connection, which can be connected to any Dante audio in the network .
● Two-channel SPK signal main output
Provides two linear output interfaces. All input signals are processed and mixed for output, which is usually used for external power amplifiers or active speakers.
● Two-channel AEC signal output
Provides two linear AEC signal output interfaces, which are usually output to interactive and distance teaching equipment. Full-band adaptive echo cancellation.
● Two-channel LINE signal output
Provides two linear output interfaces to automatically suppress the noise of two MIC input signals, and simultaneously mixes two LINE signals and two Dante signals for common output.
● Four-channel Dante signal output
Provides four Dante signal mixed outputs, which can be transmitted to any Dante device through the network to achieve IP management and interconnection.
● Six plus one network connection port
Provides six network switch ports, supports PoE power supply, 10 / 100M adaptive, single port maximum power 30W, and provides four-way Dante signal. One network link port for connecting other network switches.
● Plug and play, easy to operate
Pre-set scenes can be opened with one click, plug and play, strong versatility, flexible and convenient deployment, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of engineering wiring.

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