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BARE – BR-10G6

The speaker uses a patented design of a 4-inch bass + 3 0.5-inch tweeter coaxial unit. In terms of sound quality, it not only has the characteristics of high phase fidelity of the full-range speaker, but also realizes the output of a more natural sound in the form of a standard point source. At the same time, it also has the powerful expressive power of the crossover speakers in the high and low frequencies, making its sound level more distinct and the sense of detail more prominent. Three tweeters are arranged in a vertical line to form a linear array pattern, which makes the high-frequency horizontal pointing wider and can take care of more areas. The coaxial unit design can reduce the volume of the speaker as much as possible, and the appearance is more compact and elegant.
The speakers use Dante digital audio interface and POE network power supply to drive the power amplifier module. Only one network cable is needed to supply audio signals and power at the same time. In a digital audio system, our product is a terminal node that provides the terminal playback function of a digital audio system.

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