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I/O Interfaces

BARE – BR-1011DM


1. Equipped with 5 groups of RJ45 loopback signal acquisition interface,
“ring hand in hand” connection, the system is more reliable
2. Conventional network cable (Cat5e or Cat6) connection between each unit
is convenient and quick
3. Each group of lines can connect 30 units, a single machine can connect
150 units, and an expander can be added to connect more units
4. Support WiFi for all control functions of the central processor
5. Support Dante network transmission, and additionally support three-way
LINE/MIC input Dante network, which can be set through software
6. Remote control and remote assistance can be carried out through the
TCP/IP network interface
7. Support meeting function: discussion
8. Support system hot swap
9. Support RS232 central control control, and have two-way code sending
function, realize seamless connection with intelligent central control
10. Support external audio input and recording output port
11. Support access port for conference call
12. The system can be set to lock or release the function of the microphone
operation, and each unit has an electronic volume adjustment function.
13. Multiple speaking modes: first in first out, last in first out,
automatic mode, discussion mode, chairman mode
14. With voice control to turn on the microphone function and speech time
limit function (optional 1-999 seconds)
15. Connect to the computer to simulate the scene layout of the on-site
meeting, and you can click to turn on or off all the unit microphones at any
16. The host adopts LCD operation interface (3.5 inches), which can switch
various national languages and display perpetual calendar

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