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The coaxial speaker series fully applies the latest sound reinforcement
technology in the professional audio industry, adopts a point sound source
coaxial structure design, and uses a constant directivity conical waveguide
to load the diaphragm compression drive tweeter and low frequency unit, which
can provide 80° axisymmetric constant directivity output. The main advantage
of the application of coaxial technology is that the radiation of a
single-point sound source has excellent phase response, avoiding the weakness
of the typical polar lobe interference effect of the traditional horn tweeter
and low-frequency speaker unit combination, thereby solving the problem of
phase deviation.

The wedge-shaped cabinet structure design enables the coaxial series of
speakers to have two fixed angles of 30° and 60°, which can meet the
requirements of long and short distance stage monitoring. The cabinet is made
of high-quality plates, coupled with multi-process, environmentally friendly
oil paint, sturdy and durable, integrated, compact cabinet design, perfect
frequency response, phase response, first-class sound performance, excellent
power output, suitable for FOH (Main sound reinforcement), FILL (auxiliary
fill sound) and MONITOR (stage monitor) are used.

Application: fixed installation, small mobile rental, theater,
gymnasium, multi-function hall, studio, banquet hall, meeting room, academic
lecture hall, small and medium-sized mobile performances, high-end
entertainment and performing arts venues, etc.

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