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I/O Interfaces


BL-218SUB subwoofer is composed of two 18-inch high-performance, high-power,
long-stroke woofers with 125-core voice coil 253 magnetic steel. The box
structure adopts direct-fired design, combined with its own German audio
technology, so that its low frequency performance is deep and powerful, plump
and soft, thick and flexible, with excellent sound field tolerance, good
overall lower limit, pure and natural sound, and full of musical rhythm. It
has very good hearing resistance and provides listeners with a steady stream
of low frequency experience. Cooperating with full-range speakers will
achieve the most ideal effect. Applicable venues: Bars, Disco halls, slow
shake bars, ultra-low frequency speakers for entertainment KTV rooms,
nightclubs, dance halls, clubs, medium-sized mobile performances, main
expansion ultra-low frequencies, conference halls, multi-function halls, main
expansion ultra-low frequencies.

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