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BARE – BL-205

1: It is
an efficient vertical line array system suitable for high-quality sound
reinforcement places such as high-end multifunctional conference halls, small
and medium-sized theaters and theaters. The high frequency part adopts the
unit module of PET patented acoustic lens conversion technology, which does
not have the typical polar convex angle (beam control) effect of traditional
horn and woofer when used together. The precise design makes each frequency
band perfectly match, at any frequency The overall wavefront coherence is
ideally matched, so that the sound of the same sound quality is from near to
far in the entire sound field.
2: BL-205 provides a precise coverage angle, which can be composed of
multiple modes of systems to meet the needs of sound reinforcement in
different places; the horizontal coverage angle is 90°, and the vertical
coverage angle is 0°-10°, for the sound reinforcement system designer
Provides a precise multi-purpose installation system. Its balanced integrated
suspension system makes installation quick and easy and labor-saving. Unit
configuration: 2 x 5 inches mid-bass +1 x 1.44 inches strong magnetic plane
wave generator
3: L-205 speaker features: the cabinet structure uses high-quality 15 cm
plywood, acoustic simulation calculation combined with speaker
characteristics to form a closed sound system, its advantage is that the
scientific use of acoustics and aerodynamics makes the entire speaker
controllable Performance, sound pressure level, and horn service life have
been greatly improved, achieving high sound pressure for small horns, and
setting effective and complete protection devices in the speaker system, so
that the speaker group will not burn out under relatively high sound pressure
for a long time.
4: Applicable venues: small stadiums, small performance systems, theaters,
concert halls, performing arts centers, conference centers

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