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BARE – AD-48

The digitally guided full-frequency sound column adopts a multi-channel high-current digital power amplifier with advanced dedicated coaxial transducers, and each transducer is equipped with a high-frequency array of three tweeters. “Array in an array” three tweeter designs shorten the distance between high-frequency sources, thereby greatly improving high-frequency performance through a continuous and wide horizontal distribution.

As long as it is simple and directly connected to the network, multi-channel digital audio transmission, user-controlled DSP, user-selectable presets, and comprehensive remote system management control can be achieved , and all use standard Ethernet hardware and cables.

With computer remote control, audio system technicians can make settings that cover almost all audience areas. Multiple beams can be set one by one, and a software-controlled DSP is designed to separate them from a single array: up to 4 beams. The acoustic center of the array can also be raised or lowered because all array elements are identical and equidistant. Suitable for large lecture halls, stadiums, theaters, etc.

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