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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

Aurora Multimedia – DTX-6464D

Aurora’s DTX-6464D is a Dante enabled, all digital, audio DSP Aggregator. This fully networked family of professional audio products is ideal complement to Aurora‚Äôs IPX and VPX Video over IP solutions for House of Worship, Bars and Restaurants, Conferencing, and Education markets. The DTX ecosystem of products are purpose built to deliver pristine audio throughout the network while significantly reducing traditional device count and cabling costs.

DTX products use the industry-leading ADI 450Mhz SHARC 21489 chip and provides outstanding 24bit/48kHz audio quality.

The DTX-6464D is a high-density aggregator which features 64×64 Dante I/O. It is perfect for large centralized applications with multiple rooms or zones. In large, distributed systems that include analog I/O, significant benefits can be gained by using and aggregator vs a centralized DSP. This topology allows the DSP processing load to be distributed to smaller DSPs saving cost and adding survivability. The audio quality of the analog I/O also benefits by having the DSP connections close to the endpoints eliminating long analog runs, therefore reducing hum, buzz and ground loops.

Higher quality audio by to keeping analog runs short and local.

Considerably less cabling. Makes retrofit much easier.

Decentralization provides survivability. One room or even the aggregator can go down and all other rooms will continue to operate normally.

Distribution of the DSP processing load results in a less expensive solution and contributes to survivability.

Each room can be individually secured from tampering.

64×64 Aggregator facilitates content sharing across rooms and allows for automated control of switching/matrix.

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