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Audio-Technica – ATND8734a

Audio-Technica’s ATND8734a is a Power Module with Dante™ Network Output.

Audio-Technica’s ATND8734a is a Power Module with Dante™ Network Output.

The ATND8734a is a Dante-enabled wall/ceiling plate power module designed for use with compatible microphones that have a TA3F-type connector, including the ES931/MIC and ES933/MIC. The power module is equipped with an RJ45 output jack that allows for easy connection to the network via CAT5e (or better) cable. 

The power module is equipped with an 80 Hz low-cut UniSteep® filter that permits the choice of flat response or low-frequency roll-off, three-position input gain level selector (+30 dB, +40 dB, and +50 dB), and a red/green LED status indicator. These are all controlled remotely via third-party software.* 

The ATND8734a features a circular cover plate that can be removed and painted with commercially available spray paint. 

This latest “a” version also offers plug-and-play compatibility with AES67 networks, including those that utilize Livewire, RAVENNA and Q-LAN AoIP technologies, and increases the Dante Domain Manager features, adding role-based security, cross-subnet routing, SNMP alerts and more. 

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