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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

Asystems – DMP808D

Asystems’ DMP808D is a 12-in x 8-out digital matric processor. Designed specifically for installed sound, the Asystems’ DMP808 automatic mixers combine clean, simple designs with smart signal processing. These systems offer fast-acting, noise-free microphone normalization that automatically adjusts to changes in background room noise. This essentially helps maintain high quality audio despite the number of open microphones. Networking capabilities allow integration of any number of DMP808 mixers for expanding the system to up to 400 microphones.

Input on the DMP808 is achieved through professional standard 3-pin euroblock connectors for balanced connections. Two sets of stereo RCA connectors are also included for extended application. All inputs and outputs are utilized through the flexible matrix routing system, controlled via the included user-intuitive PC software. This software also allows you to control the extensive on-board signal processing, including 4-band parametric EQs, feedback silencers, duckers, noisegates, compressors, limiters and, of course, automatic mixing including NOM (Number of Open Microphones) compensation. With flexible networking capabilities (including a Dante networking option) and highly accurate automixing, the DMP808 automatic mixer is a must-have for all large commercial installations.


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