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SNA50-3 is a global limiter. The technology used for the sound limitation does not degrade the signal dynamics at all, as a traditional compressor would do.

The pressure measurement by the acoustic sensor is transmitted to the computer which integrates the modulation peaks with a progressive slope, adjustable in rise and fall time.

• Balanced inputs/outputs compatible unbalanced.

• Limitation in global level.

• Limitation either by acoustic sensor or by electrical analysis of the input signal to SNA50-3, while keeping the acoustic level measurement for the history.

• Visualization of the levels and parameters on a touch screen on the front panel.

• Real-time display of the Leq1s in global level.

• Choice of A and/or C weighting for the acoustic analysis of the global level, the C weighting allows the bass to be taken into account.

• Recording of global levels: LAeq 1min, LAeq 10min, LAeq 15min, LCeq 1min, LCeq 10min, LCeq 15min, LpcC1min max.

• Automatic summer/winter time change-over.

• Embedded web server for history consultation and setting equipment.

• No specific software required.

• The internal memory is sized to store sound level values 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months.

• USB Host connector allowing the connection of a USB key for history collection.

• Fire contact with audio level attenuation > 40dB.

• Acoustic and electric auto-verification of the measuring sensor.

• VCA technology (Voltage Controlled Amplifier), no audio signal cut-off.

• SNA50-3 can be sealed.

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