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Aimline – ALM 8.4

The new ALM series transmits clear intelligible live announcements and precise messages. Thanks to the digitally controllable directional effect, the entire frequency spectrum can be heard in the desired sound coverage area. The combination of a long range and a wide horizontal opening angle has the advantage that just a few ALM loudspeakers cover a large area. Therefore, the ALM loudspeakers are particularly suitable for installations where a high level of speech intelligibility is required, for example in lecture halls, places of worship, airport terminals or shopping center. The ALM series is also equipped with a 24 volt power supply and is compatible with an EN 54 certifie emergency power supply system.

Configuring line array speakers has never been easier

Because of it´s modular structure of up to three lengths, the ALM series is easy to install. The automatic detection of your own IP address in the PAN C software accelerates the configuration process. The intuitive and uncomplicated PAN C software makes the configuration of line array speakers easier than ever. The software calculates the adjustable sound alignment as well as all internal parameters in real time.

Each ALM loudspeaker is designed as a real two-way system and has vertically arranged broadband loudspeakers for the low and mid-range as well as 4 tweeters for a silky, brilliant reproduction of the high-frequency range. Each individual loudspeaker is powered and controlled by a separate power amplifier and DSP channel. Using a complex computational algorithm in the DSP units, the vertical dispersion can be continuously controlled in the range between 5° – 40°. The desired range (focus distance) can also be adjusted continously.

Two analog channels, two DANTE® channels plus a 100 V input are available as inputs. The input DSP offers an adjustable limiter, a gate, delay function and a 10-band parametric Equalizer with IIR filters for each input. Due to the discrete visual design and the appealing housing the ALM series can be easily integrated into architecturally demanding environments. The variable sound dispersion makes difficult acoustic situations easy to handle and can be installed just with little effort.

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