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Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

HRSP is essentially a redundant gateway utilising a virtual MAC / IP address with a hot changeover mechanism. The virtual MAC / IP address resides with the router that is activate.

From a Dante point of view:

  • HRSP is orthogonal to Dante redundancy and it not a replacement. It provides a transparent redundant router / gateway which would only affect packets that are traversing between subnets

  • Dante redundancy provides glitchless redundancy by having two subnets (primary and secondary) that are concurrently connected and sending media at all times

  • If HRSP was deployed on a subnet running Dante, it would be transparent to the Dante endpoints. If a hot changeover occurred it would only affect packets that are traversing between subnets which could include

    • endpoint → DDM messages

    • Dante media between subnets when using a DDM

  • The worst case would be some dropped packets (i.e. media glitches for packets traversing between subnets) when the changeover occurs, however in that scenario that would be the “lesser of two evils” as the router / gateway has died anyway

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