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Dante Via: Will people on the network be able to listen in to audio on my computer?

In order for someone else to be able to connect to (receive audio from) one of your sources, you must:

  1. Select ‘Enable Dante’ for your source (this puts the source onto the Dante network).
  2. Proactively allow the connection from the other user.

When another user tries to connect to a source that has been Dante-enabled, you will be presented with an access control pop-up asking if you want to allow the connection. If you click ‘Allow’, the user will receive audio from your source. If you click ‘Don’t Allow’, they will not receive any audio.Note that the privacy option ‘Network devices require my permission … ’ must be enabled in the Privacy preferences in order for you to receive access control pop-ups. If it is disabled, users will be able to connect to your Dante-enabled sources without your permission. Audinate strongly recommends that you do not disable the ‘Network devices require my permission … ’ option.

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