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Visionary Solutions – Sentinel

In today’s world of network savvy customers, organizations are placing increasing importance on ensuring their critical Network AV systems are available and performing acceptably.

Introducing PacketAV™ Sentinel – Network AV monitoring simplified by Visionary.

Sentinel offers a number of benefits for organizations, improving efficiency by ensuring that time is not wasted waiting for problems to be reported, but is more usefully spent on resolving issues. This proactive approach to Network AV monitoring allows issues to be identified before they impact end users and cause disruptions. This increases system up-time and reliability. As a result, user satisfaction is significantly improved.

Sentinel represents an opportunity for integrators to offer new services, including scalable service programs, and developing sustainable revenue streams.

The Sentinel service uses a local agent to communicate with Network AV devices in the system. It can then interact with local or cloud systems for reporting and logging, as well as API based integrations.

Sentinel is competitively priced and can scale from small, standalone systems to global enterprises.

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