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Pan Acoustics – PB 08

The Pan Beam PB 08 is a slim line speaker in an appealing design. The Pan Beam PB 08 can generate two independent beams, to get an optimal sound coverage on the listing area. It is possible to modify the beam through various optimizers (max SPL, SPL + min side lobes, min side lobes). Operated via a user friendly Windows Software, the connection to the computer is made through a RS 485 network. Over the digital signal processing the vertical and the inclination angle, the volume, sound and delay can be entered and controlled. The Pan Beam PB 08 is equipped with eight specially-designed 3.5“ chassis, DSP modules and eight digital amplifiers offering maximum performance of 80 watts per channel. A single Pan Beam PB 08 can cover a listening area of 25 meters, with constant speech intelligibility and sound pressure.

The DANTE option offers some interesting features, for the active column speakers. The Pan Beam series can be operated with two independent audio streams with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz. The priority function in the Pan Beams allows the automatic switchover of the audio source, e.g. switching between programs and massaging signals. DANTE option provides a primary port and a secondary port, which can be used in redundant mode or daisy-chain mode. The daisy-chain enables the connection of another compatible DANTE-devices to the network (such as a digital Stagebox).

Pan Beam functions (Setup Beamsteering, EQ, Delay etc.) can be set and monitored via Dante audio network.

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