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I/O Interfaces

NOA – N7000c

Featuring groundbreaking implementations such as Bitproof Support and the revolutionary Dante Interface, the N7000C is the most advanced technology in the field of professional audio hardware, while fully supporting the well-established high quality industry standards and providing the archive community with additional tools.

The N7000c provides a single high-quality interface that accepts up to four concurrent connections to analog replayer devices and delivers outstanding dynamic range, classic preamp modelling, Bitproof™ support and many other advanced features for the audio archive professional.

The exceptionally wide feature set and convenient form factor set the N7000c apart as a versatile and cost-effective solution for high quality audio transfers. The N7000c is the first interface of its kind to offer the security of Bitproof™ control, a feature in conjunction with NOA Record which eliminates interstitial errors by creating checksums in the DSP of the N7000c and comparing them against the written soundfile, and it can connect simultaneously with up to four replay devices of different types, such as record decks, reel-to-reel tape decks,  Archéophone, and other analog players. Connections to player devices can be via RS232, 9pin and CAT5 through the integrated DANTE interface, which allows users to connect the laptop to the network to get eight uncompressed 192kHz LINEAR streams without needing PCI cards.

With its outstanding 122dB dynamic range, the N7000c handles typical archival transfers without requiring gain readjustment, and leaves more than enough foot- and headroom. Dynamic adjustments can be left to simple server side normalisations which can be done without raising the noise floor in the analogue domain, making transfer workflows much more efficient.

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