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Dante Interface Cards

Musicrown – DMH DSP

Musicrown’s DMH DSP is a Dante interface card. 

Musicrown’s DMH DSP is a Dante interface card. 

  • 32 bit SHARC DSP, 96kHz sampling rate, 24 bit AD/DA convert.
  • 8X8 core matrix, which includes 4 local input channels, 4 local output channels, 4 Dante input channels and 4 output channels.
  • Dante digital network port configuration is a double standard network interface, which fully supports the function of unite switching and hot backup. Digital audio channel can support 4IN/4OUT, using 24-bit precision and extremely low network latency.
  • Input including low-cut, 5 band PEQ, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, link adjustment and volume adjustment.
  • Output including X-over, 7 band PEQ, Gain, mute, compressor/limiter, phase, delay and link adjustment and volume adjustment.
  • All PEQ Gain, bandwidth, frequency continues adjustment. Type can be select by PEAK, H-SHELF, L-SHELF, LOW CUT, HIGH CUT, ALLPASS1, ALLPASS2.
  • All high cut, low-cut filter type can be select by Butterworth, Link witz-Riley, Bessel, slope can be chosen.
  • Noise gate’s threshold, time, ratio can be adjustment for inputs, compressor, limiter, ratio, time can be adjustment for outputs.
  • Maximal delay time 680mS for all input/output channels.
  • Inside single generator(pink, white noise and 20~20K sine wave, amplitude adjustable ).
  • Hardware with 7 channel I/O monitor, 4 channels support AD sampling potentiometer, 3 channels I/O support temperature, level, fault sampling function.
  • 21 user presets, device and each preset can be save and recall alone. Password protection function for high level applications.
  • PC software support Dante port link, and display automatically searched IP address at rear time. One-button linkage easy for use’s operation more convenient and swift.
  • Module power supply is DC5V 2A.
  • Module size is 135mmx52mm.

DMH Series:

  • DMH 2.0 – 2 analog input, 2 Dante output
  • DMH 0.2 – 2 analog output, 2 Dante input
  • DMH 2.2 – 2 analog input/output, 2 Dante input/output
  • DMH 4.0 – 4 analog input, 4 Dante output
  • DMH 0.4 – 4 analog output, 4 Dante input
  • DMH 4.4 – 4 analog input/output, 4 Dante input/output
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