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I/O Interfaces


1. The audio signal and power transmission of the speaker are realized
through the same network cable.
2. The RJ45 interface on the back panel of the box is equipped with XLR
firmware, which can be used for waterproofing and strengthen the connection
between the box and the wire.
3. The network cable realizes signal transmission and power supply;
4. The IP address is automatically assigned through the router DHCP;
5. Each receiving channel can be controlled independently, and it can be
applied to any location in the local area network
6. It has high efficiency and high sound energy output, excellent sound
quality, perfect protection function and good electromagnetic compatibility
7. The built-in DSP network active speaker can remotely control the EQ and
pressure limit of the active speaker on the PC side.
8. It has complete protection functions (short circuit protection, over
current protection, over and under protection, DC protection, power limit,
temperature limit, long-term output power limit, clipping limiter).
9. The speaker uses Dante digital audio interface and PoE network power
supply to drive the power amplifier module, and only one network cable is
needed to realize the simultaneous supply of audio signal and power.

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